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HAMMER is the finest silicone strap for the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time 2, and Pebble 2 smartwatches. HAMMER straps are wider, ventilated, and waterproof.

NEW: these straps also fit the new Moto 360 V2 46 mm smartwatch PERFECTLY. Browse the gallery to check out the photos! HAMMER fits Samsung Gear Live, Fossil Q, Tic Watch and MORE!

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HAMMER is wider. The HAMMER strap is 28 mm wide. Time’s stock straps are 22 mm wide. We were able to fit the wider HAMMER on Time by designing a couple of notches into our straps. We grew HAMMER wider so that it seems to extend directly from Time’s lugs. Rugged. Sport watch. Solid. Bad-ass. You’ll find your own way to describe it. HAMMER just makes your Time look great.

HAMMER is extremely ventilated. If you run or do anything else that makes you sweat, HAMMER’s vent holes transform Pebble Time into a true sport watch. And on the long side of the strap, some of the vent holes double as buckle holes. Because those buckle holes run all the way up the strap, HAMMER is extraordinarily adjustable. It fits great on both large wrists and small wrists. HAMMER is also waterproof. Run with it. Sweat on it. Wash your hands. Swim! Go nuts.

HAMMER is made from silicone. Silicone is the same material used on Time’s stock straps, and it is prized for its softness and flexibility. It’s strong, too. The buckle is made from brushed stainless steel. And stainless steel quick-release spring bars allow you to swap straps whenever you feel like it!

- choose from black, white, red, citrus, or camouflage colors
- soft-touch matte silicone
- ventilated with 55 holes
- two silicone keepers
- waterproof
- quick-release spring-bars
- brushed finish stainless steel buckle
- very adjustable! fits regular and very small wrists

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