Richard Tracy Brand


Shank is available in white only!

Shank is the finest silicone watch strap built specifically for the Pebble Steel. 

Shank’s simple bold design dresses up your Pebble Steel, and Shank’s silicone construction has a more rugged and athletic look and feel than either leather or metal. And of course it’s waterproof, too. Sweat. Wash your hands. Dive in! Shank can take it.

Shank comes in two sizes: regular and long. Our long size adds 22 mm in length to Steel’s stock leather strap. Both sizes are also more adjustable than most straps thanks to our bold vent hole construction. That means that Shank can fit very large wrists—and the very smallest wrists too!

ATTENTION: We ran out of our mini screwdrivers! So the SCREWDRIVER IS NOT INCLUDED any more. You can find precision screwdriver sets on Amazon, like this one.

- soft touch silicone
- brushed stainless steel buckle
- two silicone keepers
- two sizes: regular and LONG (adds 22 mm)
- bold vent hole construction
- super-adjustable: fits the smallest wrists and largest wrists
- waterproof