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The cable that comes with your phone gets the job done, but it's not very portable. And if you're on-the-go all the time, then you know that yanking that cable out of your bag is a hassle. It gets caught on stuff in your bag. It pulls other crap out of there too--keys, pens, other cables, you name it!

Say hello to Torso.
Torso is incredibly short, so it's ultra-portable. It's a little bit over 4 inches (100+ mm) long, so it's the perfect phone cable for anyone who is on-the-go. But Torso's size isn't the only thing it has going for it. We have designed Torso with a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". These bendable legs are what make Torso so amazing.

Bend it.
The wire skeleton inside Torso isn't a limp noodle like those old bendable toys. Torso is strong. Bend a leg, and it stays bent. Bend all three legs, and make a tripod. Bend Torso and plug it into your AC adapter to make an instant wall charger dock. And when you want to hit the road, just bend Torso back into ultra-portable mode and chuck it in your bag. It's like no other cable, and it's awesome.

What can you do with Torso and your phone?

- Ultra-portable mode: Sync and charge on the go.
- Wall charger mode: Charge your phone right on the outlet.
- Tripod mode: Snap fun tripod photos on the go.
- Tripod mode: Pose for self-timer photos.
- Tripod mode: FaceTime on the go and hands-free!
- Cord Wrap mode: Save space with the best earbud cord wrap.
- Widescreen mode: Watch a movie in widescreen mode.

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